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New employee day tomorrow. Much nervous. Very excite. So mystery.

Ha gli occhi belli di chi vince, di chi supera ogni ostacolo, di chi sa darti una mano se cadi e tirarti su, di chi è speciale e non lo sa.

Two feelings

The nervous anticipation of seeing a friend you haven’t seen in 15 years.

The joy of realizing it’s just as good as you remember.


After I decked out my classroom my first year in cheap lamps and string lights, one of my English co-workers did the same last year. This year I arrived to find that two more in the English department are joining the anti-overhead-lights brigade. In short: my classroom vision is da bomb.

Proper lighting (and high quality bulbs) has a non negligible effect on classroom performance. I remember my 11th grade English teacher covered our overhead lights with tissue paper to reduce their harshness.

New meta next level pro strats