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Filled out my new employee paperwork today

Instant 5% raise over my old job with few students and preps and more resources. Almost equal health coverage.

On my way home another school called me with an offer.

My old boss has not replaced me yet. Get rekt m8.

Feels good man.

Awwww peas

I was working on two applications at the same time and accidentally attached the wrong letter of introduction to one of them. Ooops!

In good news I was just offered a position! Middle school (I prefer high school) and very far away (have to move, which I was kinda planning on anyway). I have to think about it for a few days and get in touch with a former school to see if they are even considering me before I say yes.

Go me.


best man’s mom is flippin a shit because she thinks i’m supposed to be paying for all the groomsmen’s rooms, suits, travel, etc.

like what? I’m already paying for a wedding.I’m sorry I can’t pay for everything as a TEACHER.

Dude’s mom is dumb. Standard is groomsmen pay for all of their own everything and if they can’t afford it they should decline. Occasionally if the wedding is not local to the groom (ie his groomsmen are traveling to be there) a night (or two) is offered at a hotel, but everything else is on them.

Reading curriculum for my job interview tomorrow

Clearly written by someone who knew what the hell they were soon an wasn’t rushed.





I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck

I’m Reblogging this again because it brings tears to my eyes.

Is this crossfit?

is this paleo



My mum’s friends at work are having a baby and their last name is watts so they were trying work out a name for it, i suggested 60 and they both looked confused so i said maybe 20 would suit them better 


Kimbra, why you so dope?

Reblog to AMA


On the plane. Paid for WiFi. Netflix isn’t even working.

Ask anything for the rest of my flight. Gotta reblog this, though, because theres nowhere to see my messages on the app I have…

How’s the internship? Worth it?